The Bridge at Boulat

For Australian Sheila Hudson, an overnight cabin on the luxurious Blue Train to the south of France seemed like a dream. Befriending a stranger, Dominique Babineaux, turned out to be an adventure, the evening passing in a blur of wine, stories and games.

Until her friend disappeared.

Staff gave blank stares at the mention of Dominique’s name, other passengers had no memory of her, and no one believed her last words – that the next bridge would collapse.

As they sped through the night, Shelia knew their fates were intertwined, but why would only be answered on the bridge at Boulat.

The Corona Monologues

Based on one of the most historical events of the early 21st century, author and playwright Darrell Bartell has compiled 125 auditioning monologues from all over the world about the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. From first responders to military personnel. From politicians to conspiracy theorists. From high school students to college graduates. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cringe as you search for the monologue to help you stand out and get the job, while leaving a lasting impression no director or casting agent will soon forget.

Dying to Fly

Based on his own experience of war, Dying to Fly tells the story of helicopter pilot, Lt. Danny Hellberg, fresh from training, sent on his first assault mission with no time for preparation. Surrounded by death and traitors, the plans go out of the window. Lost in the madness is a reporter, a senator’s daughter, a valuable pawn for the enemy.
No matter the cost, Hellberg’s only objective: get there First!

OWFI Competition Winners

Founded in 1968, the Oklahoma Writers Federation is one of the oldest established writing groups in the US, and one with which the Fort Worth Writers are proud to be afliated.
Every year OWFI holds their writing competition with the winners announced at their annual conference. Obviously, this year has been different with the coronavirus preventing the usual in-person conference. However, the Fort Worth Writers are thrilled to announce three of their members have won awards in 2021!