The Corona Monologues

Book Launch - The Corona Monologues
by Darrell Bartell

Based on one of the most historical events of the early 21st century, author and playwright Darrell Bartell has compiled 125 auditioning monologues from all over the world about the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. From first responders to military personnel. From politicians to conspiracy theorists. From high school students to college graduates. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cringe as you search for the monologue to help you stand out and get the job, while leaving a lasting impression no director or casting agent will soon forget. The Corona Monologues are available on Amazon.

Darrell Bartell

Actor, playwright, short story writer, US Army Veteran, future radio broadcaster and cancer survivor, Darrell completed his M.A. degree in Drama at Texas Women’s University and MA in English from Southern New Hampshire University. 

Plays “When the Echos Whisper My Name,” and “The First One-Hundred Days,”  received awards in the Oklahoma Writer’s Federation Inc. playwright contest. Publications include an anthology of short stories, Ten-Five :Your Going Home, Marine!  and Barry and the Vampire. 

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