Fort Worth Writers

The Fort Worth Writers are a creative and stimulating group for Texas writers. Since 1992, weekly meetings have provided a positive and friendly environment for members to discuss publication, hone their craft, and polish manuscripts. 

Meetings are open to writers of all genres: mystery, romance, suspense, thriller, science fiction, children’s, non-fiction, and more.

Work in the form of novels, poetry, short stories, magazine articles, songs, verse, or any other form of composition are all welcome.

Book Signing - Darrell Bartell

Darrell Bartell will be signing copies of his book The Corona Monologues at the Half Price Books in Fort Worth on Sunday July 20th from 1-3pm.

Half Price Books, 475 Sherry Lane, Fort Worth, TX 76114.

New publication: David Standeven - The Hand that Wields the Sword

The Fort Woirth Writers congratulate David Standeven on the publication of The Hand that Wields the Sword.

Embark on a thrilling adventure in a world of ancient legends and treacherous enemies with Vinan, a tribal boy from the mountains. Join him on a perilous journey to rescue his siblings from the clutches of slavers as he encounters bandits, warlords, and a mad priest obsessed with ancient power. Along the way, he forges an unlikely alliance with a wayward swordsman, a wizened sage with a dark past, and a mysterious girl. 

Will Vinan find the strength to save his family and confront the dangers that threaten to consume him? 

This epic tale of courage, sacrifice, and redemption will take you on a captivating journey through a world of danger and wonder!

Book Signing - Darrell Bartell

Darrell Bartell will be signing copies of his book The Corona Monologues at the Half Price Books flagship store in Dallas on Sunday August 4th from 1-3pm.

Half Price Books, 5803 E NW Hwy, Dallas, TX 75231.

New publication: Nancy Craig - Belonging

Do racially segregated communities provide a recipe for success or failure for their residents?

Peace, a fictional Arkansas town, gives insight into the advantages of living in a select-segregation community. Before being accepted by a review board of The Lincoln Institute for Social Studies, applicants are screened and given a well-defined set of rules and expectations to guide them in their five-year residency.

Belonging follows widowed teacher Serena Lewis and her two adolescent children through their five years in Peace and beyond.

Belonging is available on Amazon as an ebook or paperback.

General Meeting - 2023 in Review

The Fort Worth Writers held their annual general meeting on 16th December 2023. They ate a good deal of cake … and celebrated the publication of five novels, some short stories, and a number of wins at the OWFI annual contest 😊  With several books well underway, members look set to continue successfully publishing next year.

A new set of officers were elected to take over in 2024.

Please note: There will be no meeting on the 23rd, but weekly meetings will resume from 30th December onward.

New publication: Nigel Blackwell - The Devil's Bible

A masterpiece of art and knowledge, the Codex Gigas is believed the lifelong work of a Benedictine monk, Herman the Recluse. Part bible and part encyclopedia, his opus held everything known to be good in the thirteenth century world.

It also held a secret — five pages so terrible they were said to be able to change wars. Too heinous for man, the monks guarded the pages for centuries, but in the monastery’s waning years, they were separated, hidden across Europe, and hoped forgotten.

In 1916, the British Army learned the location of a single page. Unable to believe the story nor dismiss the temptation, men were dispatched to recover the artifact from occupied France. They would soon discover, with good reason, the Codex had another name.

The Devil’s Bible.

The Devil’s Bible is available on Amazon, B&N, Apple, and Kobo.

New publication: Nancy Craig - The Final Decree

In 1746 at the Battle of Culloden, the British, led by William Hanover, the Duke of Cumberland, overwhelmed the Scots and brought them under the reign of King George II.

Twenty years later, his successor, King George III, signed a decree giving the Scots their independence, and sent the Duke
back to spread the news. Waylaid on his journey, the decree was lost.

Two hundred and fifty years later, clues to the decrees existence are uncovered, but can the decree be found, and Scotland set free?

The Final Decree is now available on Amazon.

New publication: Raymond Ballew - The Hall County Gangster by John R Ballew

The Fort Worth Writers congratulate John Ballew on the publication of Raymond Ballew – The Hall County Gangster. Now available on Amazon

Raymond Ballew was a salesman, an entrepreneur, and the biggest bootlegger in Texas. He saw himself providing a service to the hard working people of West Texas as they fought the dust, the depression, and the damned diesel tractor.

He laundered his illicit earnings through his store, The House of Quality, by selling Studebakers, GE Appliances, and Philco Radios.

Unique in 1937 Texas. Raymond was the closest thing to a civil rights activist in the Jim Crow South of 1937 because he did not see black or white, he saw green.

But with 128 arrests in Hall County alone, it is fair to say the law saw him in different light …

This is his story.

OWFI Winner - Nancy Craig

Founded in 1968, the Oklahoma Writers Federation is one of the oldest established writing groups in the US, and one with which the Fort Worth Writers are proud to be affiliated.

Every year OWFI holds their writing competition with the winners announced at their annual conference. The Fort Worth Writers are thrilled to announce members Nancy Craig won no less that three awards this year.

First Place – Inspirational Category – The Junction

First Place – Unpublished Mainstream Novel – Belonging

Second Place – Unpublished Historical Novel – The Final Decree

Congratulations Nancy!

New publication: The Bridge at Boulat by Nigel Blackwell

The Fort Worth Writers congratulate Nigel Blackwell on the launch of The Bridge at Boulat.

For Australian Sheila Hudson, an overnight cabin on the luxurious Blue Train to the south of France seemed like a dream, and befriending a stranger, Dominique Babineaux, turned out to be an adventure, the evening passing in a blur of wine, stories and games.

Until her friend disappeared.

Staff gave blank stares at the mention of Dominique’s name, other passengers had no memory of her, and no one believed her last words – that the next bridge would collapse.

As they sped through the night, Shelia knew their fates were intertwined, but why would only be answered on the bridge at Boulat.

The Bridge at Boulat is available on Amazon and other ebook outlets.

New publication: The Corona Monologues by Darrell Bartell

The Fort Worth Writers congratulate Darrell Bartell on the launch of The Corona Monologues. 

Based on one of the most historical events of the early 21st century, author and playwright Darrell Bartell has compiled 125 auditioning monologues from all over the world about the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. From first responders to military personnel. From politicians to conspiracy theorists. From high school students to college graduates. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll cringe as you search for the monologue to help you stand out and get the job, while leaving a lasting impression no director or casting agent will soon forget.

The Corona Monologues are available on Amazon

New publication: I.C.I.E by Keith Dale

The Fort Worth Writers congratulate Keith Dale on the launch of I.C.I.E – Inexpensive Clean Inexhaustible Energy. 

I.C.I.E. produces electrical energy in any quantity you like. It runs off a gravitational field anywhere in the world. It can be adapted to cars, planes, ships and more. The answer to man’s energy problems far into the future. But there’s a problem – the people who have controlled the oil coal, natural gas and nuclear power for generations. Rich and powerful, they’re not going to give up their fortunes without a fight. 

I.C.I.E is available on Amazon.

New publication: Dying to Fly by Jerry Gladysz

The Fort Worth Writers congratulate Jerry Gladysz on the launch of Dying to Fly. 

Based on his own  experience of war, Dying to Fly tells the story of helicopter pilot, Lt. Danny Hellberg, fresh from training, sent on his first assault mission with no time for preparation.  Surrounded by death and traitors, the plans go out of the window. Lost in the madness is a reporter, a senator’s daughter, a valuable pawn for the enemy.

No matter the cost, Hellberg’s only objective: get there first!

Dying to Fly is available on Amazon.



Meetings are held every Saturday with the exception of holidays and severe weather.

Members submit up to five pages, copies of which are distributed to the group for written comments. Each work is read aloud by the author. After, the group critique aspects of the work such as characters, plot, style, and structure.

A board member moderates each critique session.

At all times, dialog is respectful and supportive.

Copies of the work presented at the meetings are in a typical industry standard. Advice for new member on presentation format what to expect can be found on the Critique Guidelines page.

Join Us

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Guests are welcome to attend up to 3 sessions so they can judge if the format suits them. During this time they may critique the work of others, but only present their own after they join the group.

There is no requirement for writers to be either intending or already published.

Time and Place


Meetings are held at 9:30 AM on Saturdays. 

Westminster Presbyterian Church,
7001 Trail Lake Dr,
Fort Worth, TX 76133.

Come along and introduce yourself!