Welcome to Fort Worth Writers
Critique meetings weekly in Fort Worth, Texas
9:30 AM Saturdays
Westminster Presbyterian Church
7001 Trail Lake Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76133

Meetings are open to writers of all genres: novels, short stories, memoirs, screenplays, magazine articles, poetry, songs, nonfiction, and the list goes on. FWW is a working group dedicated to furthering our fellow members' writing efforts through our read-and-critique sessions. Members bring up to five pages of submissions, copies of which are distributed to the group for written comments. Each work is read aloud by the author, followed by verbal critiquing. This process not only gives each author suggestions on how to improve the work, but also shares the points-of-view of fellow writers.
"Committing Soul to paper. A risky
endeavour, worth the gamble."
The Raconteur De'Bovine