Fort Worth Writers

Coronavirus Update

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, the Fort Worth Writers’ meetings are cancelled until further notice.

We hope everyone stays safe and well, and look forward to resuming critique in the near future.

New publication: I.C.I.E by Keith Dale

The Fort Worth Writers congratulate Keith Dale on the launch of I.C.I.E – Inexpensive Clean Inexhaustible Energy. 

I.C.I.E. produces electrical energy in any quantity you like. It runs off a gravitational field anywhere in the world. It can be adapted to cars, planes, ships and more. The answer to man’s energy problems far into the future. But there’s a problem – the people who have controlled the oil coal, natural gas and nuclear power for generations. Rich and powerful, they’re not going to give up their fortunes without a fight. 

I.C.I.E is available on Amazon.

New publication: Dying to Fly by Jerry Gladysz

The Fort Worth Writers congratulate Jerry Gladysz on the launch of Dying to Fly. 

Based on his own  experience of war, Dying to Fly tells the story of helicopter pilot, Lt. Danny Hellberg, fresh from training, sent on his first assault mission with no time for preparation.  Surrounded by death and traitors, the plans go out of the window. Lost in the madness is a reporter, a senator’s daughter, a valuable pawn for the enemy.

No matter the cost, Hellberg’s only objective: get there first!

Check out the blog for more information.

Dying to Fly is available on Amazon.

Author Support and Critique Group

The Fort Worth Writers are a creative and stimulating group for Texas writers. Since 1992, weekly meetings have provided a positive and friendly environment for members to discuss publication, hone their craft, and polish manuscripts. 

Meetings are open to writers of all genres: mystery, romance, suspense, thriller, science fiction, children’s, non-fiction, and more.

Work in the form of novels, poetry, short stories, magazine articles, songs, verse, or any other form of composition are all welcome.



Meetings are held every Saturday with the exception of holidays and severe weather.

Members submit up to five pages, copies of which are distributed to the group for written comments. Each work is read aloud by the author. After, the group critique aspects of the work such as characters, plot, style, and structure.

A board member moderates each critique session.

At all times, dialog is respectful and supportive.

Copies of the work presented at the meetings are in a typical industry standard. Advice for new member on presentation format what to expect can be found on the Critique Guidelines page.

Join Us

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Guests are welcome to attend up to 3 sessions so they can judge if the format suits them. During this time they may critique the work of others, but only present their own after they join the group.

There is no requirement for writers to be either intending or already published.

Time and Place


Meetings are held at 9:30 AM on Saturdays. 

Westminster Presbyterian Church,
7001 Trail Lake Dr,
Fort Worth, TX 76133.

Come along and introduce yourself!