Mission Statement
Our mission is to supply a supportive and stimulating environment for Texas writers. In our weekly read-and-critique sessions, we are committed to helping each other become better writers and to polish manuscripts for publication.
Fort Worth Writers, brain child of Robyn Conley and Tony Swindall, offically opened its doors in July of 1992. The original group met on alternate Wednesday evenings at Hillside-Memorial Christian Church, Fort Worth, Texas. A dedicated gang, they suffered through the Texas heat with a borrowed table fan, reading works on a first-come first-served basis.
Shortly after their first meeting, The Writers Group of Fort Worth was chosen as its name. The purpose: encourage each other, network with professionals in the indusrty, and help critique writers towards their goals of publishing. This hasn't changed in the group's twenty-three year history.
Lucille Davis took up the reins in 2001 when Robyn moved from Fort Worth. Meetings were cut to four times a year and the group merged with Freelance Writers Network. It didn't take long before the demand of more time increased meetings to once a week at the Southwest Reginal Fort Worth Library.
In 2008, thanks to Roger Latham, one of the Freelance Writers Network, found a home at Frost Bank. As the group's membership grew, the banner of freelance writers no longer represented the diverse membership of the authors. In 2010 it was decided by unanimous vote to change the name to Fort Worth Writers. This simple moniker tells the world where they can be found, and FWW members, reguardless of publications or contest wins, are indeed writers.
More than twenty-four years have passed since that first meeting in a hot Texas room. Friends have come and gone, but the purpose remains the same--to become better writers and support each other.